Billing & Fees


At the end of your visit you will be given a routing slip to take to the receptionist at the front desk. This routing slip indicates a designated time for your next appointment, a diagnosis, the type of medical service rendered, and a fee. Payment for services received is expected at the time of your office visit. We will give you a printed bill containing all necessary information for your insurance company. You need only to attach the bill to your completed insurance claim form and mail them in. However, be careful not to assign benefits to the doctor on your insurance claim form if you have already paid us directly.


We participate and deal directly with several insurance plans. Please show us your insurance card when you come in and we will let you know if you are covered under one of these plans. If so, we will ask that you pay only your co-payment, if any, and any amount being applied towards your deductible.


We accept assignment on Medicare, meaning that we accept its allowed fee. However, note that medicare pays only 80% of its allowance for services it covers and requires us to collect the yearly deductible and the remaining 20% after it has paid its portion.


In certain cases, when extensive surgical procedures are performed, we are willing to arrange a payment plan for you. However, regular weekly or monthly payments must be made. Payment plans do not apply to cosmetic procedures.


There will be a $15.00 charge for any checks returned from the bank for insufficient funds.


If we have not received your payment after we have sent you five billing statements, we will be required to turn your account over to our collection agency for further action.


Please feel free to call our office if you have a question regarding your bill.